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Statement of Purpose (SOP) for SOWP and children Study Permit


The Visa Officer,

High Commission of Canada

Subject: Application for Spouse Open Work Permit & Study Permit for Children

Respected Sir/Madam,

I, NAME HERE (Passport# XXXXXXX, UCI # XXXXXXXX), am currently enrolled in a full-time Master of Management program (student id XXXXX) at the XXXXXXX University located in XXXX, British Columbia (DLI # OXXXXXXXX). My Study Permit/Visa was approved on DATE HERE and is valid until DATE HERE, however, due to the COVID-19 situation and travel restriction; I am unable to travel at this time. My program delivery model has also moved from in-class to online, hence currently studying virtually from home, in India. My enrolment for the XXXX program is confirmed and the session/online classes have started from DATE.

The current situation (due to the Pandemic) is fluid, uncertain and evolving every day. Under the current circumstances, I am really scared to travel/stay alone whenever I move to Canada to continue my in-class program. Experts across the globe claim that the current situation will become the new normal for a long time; hence in a situation like this, I will need emotional as well as physical support, and who would be better than my family. Therefore, I am submitting this application jointly with my Spouse, NAME HERE (Passport# XXXXXXX), for:

  1. Spouse Open Work Permit: NAME
  2. Study Permit for dependent Daughter: NAME
  3. Study Permit for dependent Son: NAME  

Attached with the online application: IMM5713E – Family Member Representative Form

About my Family:


NAME and I met in our office (NAME) in YEAR and after a relationship of more than two years, we got married on DATE with family consent. Since then, in thick and thin we have stayed and grown together, bonding stronger than ever.

NAME is a Science Graduate (Bachelor of Science) from University NAME with high proficiency in English (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening). He has XX years of work experience with companies like XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, XXXX and is currently working for XXXXXX company for the past XX years. He has been working all his life and has established himself well at a senior position in the company.

Together, we have our life savings which we intend to bring along for our stay in Canada. Although we’ll have enough money to support our entire stay, yet while I study, NAME hopes to support me physically, emotionally and financially by finding work relevant to his experience. This will also keep him busy and expand his experience.

Daughter: NAME HERE

We welcomed our first child Aanya (Passport# XXXXXXX) on DATE OF BIRTH HERE. She is a bright and intelligent child, currently XXX years old, studying in XXX Standard (primary school) as per the Indian schooling system. As per the guidelines of IRCC, we are applying for a Study Permit for NAME so that she can continue her studies in Canada as per the Canadian schooling system.


NAME (Passport# XXXXXX), now XX years old, was born on DATE OF BIRTH and is currently studying in XX Standard (primary school) as per the Indian schooling system. We are applying for a Study Permit for NAME so that he can continue his studies in Canada as per the Canadian schooling system.

Concluding statement

With our own house, husband working for a top-notch Company in a senior position, kids studying in regular school, we are well established in India. As a family, we wish to be together for the duration of my master’s in Canada. After completing my Master’s, we intend to return to our country with family.

Finally, we would like to assure you that we are law-abiding citizens and always follow the rules and regulations laid down by the authorities. We have no intention to stay beyond the legally authorized duration as per the Permit/Visa granted to us and would voluntarily leave Canada at the end of the authorized stay.

Funds accessibility declaration: We, NAME and NAME, solemnly declare that the funds available in our bank accounts are available for each other and our family, unconditionally.

Thank you!


APPLICANT 1 (Name and signature)       


SPOUSE    (Name and Signature)


Documents supporting the Application:

  • Proof of Education in Canada: NAME
    • Letter of Enrolment from XXXXXXX University
    • Letter of Introduction from IRCC with UCI number
    • Student Visa on Passport
    • University Fees payment receipts/statement
  • Education Documents:
  • Work Experience: NAME
    • Proof of Employment from organisations in last XX years
    • Current Employment Paystubs (past 3 months)
  • Financial Documents:
    • GIC Certificate ($10,000)
    • Bank Statement (past 6 months)
      • NAME ($XX,000 approx.)
      • NAME ($XX,000 approx.)
      • Joint account in India Post office Monthly Income Scheme ($XX,000 approx.)
    • Income Tax Return: Income Tax Returns (ITR) for past 2 years:
      • NAME
      • NAME
    • Current Employment Paystubs (past 6 months) – SPOUSE NAME
  • Proof of Relationship
    • Marriage Certificate
    • Family Photographs
    • Passport
      • SPOUSE
      • CHILD 1
      • CHILD 2
    • Birth Certificate
      • CHILD 1
      • CHILD 2

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